Homomorphic Searching : Data is often communicated across networks and stored on remote servers which may be unsecured and non-private; eventually it needs to be browsed, searched and manipulated regardless on the location where it is hold. In case of sensitive and super sensitive (e.g. health care) data, it needs to be kept secured and private throughout the whole process. State of the art technology on sensitive data management on remote servers reaches the objective via sub-optimal combinations: sensitive data is usually made secure by local encryption, then communicated and remotely stored; upon requests to browse or search, it is decrypted on the remote server and then accessed; if manipulation is requested, even an additional encryption is necessary.

Crypto Search Engine – CSE – is the technological solution to all this, as it is able to offer search/browsing/manipulation on encrypted data, that is with “Zero Knowledge”: encrypted sensitive data stored on public cloud providers will eventually be fully accessible by data owners only, still allowing cloud providers to offer search/browsing/manipulation over encrypted data by means of “encrypted queries”, herefore preserving the Zero Knowledge. On one side, private users could take back the legitimate ownership of the value of their data and eventually trade it back to service-providers through a fair deal, which is very different from the “take-or- leave” approach that we currently witness. On the other side, public administrations, institutions and critical infrastructures would be legitimated in the use of a multiplicity of public cloud providers for safe and redundant data storage, with important impact in cost reduction and also enabling access to tools for big data analysis.

Offering search/browsing/manipulation on encrypted data is a unique and unprecedented feature that will have a disruptive effect on any market where sensitive digital data is generated, communicated, stored and processed.

Crypto Search Engine (CSE)

The privacy issues that surround the Internet and cloud regular users is a concern for businesses and individuals.

Save sensitive data and files in the cloud with Crypto Search Engine (CSE). CSE solution enables the storage, sharing, and text searches anonymously on the cloud.

CSE Capabilities

CSE gives you full control, and no company can lay claims on your data in the cloud. Besides, cloud service providers cannot access your search history and other related information.

Benefits of CSE

Secure: CSE features end-to-end encryption allowing secure internal and external file sharing across platforms

Enhanced Privacy: Owners own, manage, and store the encryption keys. You don’t have to worry about cloud providers monitoring your search profile and selling it to third-parties

Fully Controllable: You gain full control of the solution through centralized administration for enterprise management

API: CSE API allows you to integrate the solution into existing systems easily

High Performance: CSE offers high-performance encryption and search engine that can replace existing and insecure services

Cloud Secure: CSE eliminates risks of exposure and unauthorized access by allowing you to keep your data encrypted in the cloud

Cost-Effective: We offer friendly support, allowing you to reduce IT support costs

Try out Cryptolab CSE today to search encrypted data without decrypting it beforehand.