Governance, Risk, And Compliance

Achieve integrated collection of capabilities that enable your company to handle issues of information governance, risk management, and regulatory compliance.

Cyber Security Agency helps enterprises identify, remediate, and manage IT risks. We offer solutions that incorporate people, processes, and technology to improve governance, risk, and compliance efforts.

Cyber Security Agency GRC Components

Our GRC solution features the following components:

  1. Governance: We offer capabilities that enable your business to assess, design, and maintain an operating model for proper information technology adoption. We tailor our governance plan to ensure you achieve the following:
    1. Clear accountability and transparency
    2. Greater visibility
    3. Improved agility
    4. Sustainable business model
    5. Effective risk management
    6. Increased productivity and efficiency
    7. Reduced IT costs
  1. Risk Management: Cyber Security Agency offers services that help businesses evaluate, design, and implement effective risk management strategies. We leverage a wide range of leading frameworks (ISO, NIST, IASME, SOC, COBIT, COSO), tools, and methodologies that meet your specific needs and maturity. Our risk management capabilities enable you to achieve the following:
    1. Make informed decisions
    2. Maintain a robust and consistent way to identify and remediate risks
    3. Establish a proactive, risk-aware culture in your enterprise
    4. Give assurance to your board and audit committee
  2. Compliance:We offer the professional support and tools you need to identify and meet dynamic regulatory compliance requirements. Our compliance services enable you to:
    1. Conduct a maturity assessment against top-notch security standards
    2. Develop recommendations and roadmap for improvement
    3. Establish suitable information security policy governance
    4. Compliance monitoring, assurance, and reporting

Why Cyber Security Agency GRC?

Our GRC capabilities help you align your information technology activities to business goals while managing risks and meeting compliance requirements.

Our GRC strategy offers several benefits, such as:

  • Improved decision-making
  • Creates a holistic picture of risk
  • Optimal IT investments
  • Enhanced collaboration and elimination of silos
  • Effective compliance strategy to address dynamic technology regulations
  • Comprehensive insights into the IT environment
  • Ability to respond to cybersecurity risks proactively

We implement a solid GRC strategy with clearly defined roles and priorities for each activity. We implement relevant IT controls to manage risks and meet compliance.

Cyber Security Agency GRC Automation

We also help you migrate from ad-hoc processes that make it challenging to implement formal GRC procedures. We offer automation solutions that eliminate manual tracking of adherence to IT processes and lift GRC administrative burden

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