Email Security

Protect your email content and accounts against unauthorized access with Cyber Security Agency Email Security Solution. We offer email protection solutions to protect against malicious emails and business email compromise.

Why Cyber Security Agency?

We ensure you have in place proper security controls for your email services, including encryption, spam filtering services, and web application firewall. We also create awareness for everyone in your organization. Your employees must be aware of the dos and don’ts of email security to avoid opening spam attachments or clicking phishing hyperlinks that install malware. We protect you from the following email threats:

  • Spear-Phishing – hackers research intended targets and send spear-phishing emails to trick victims into sharing sensitive information.
  • Email-Spoofing – Cybercriminals spoof the sender or a sending domain to impersonate employees, senior executives, business partners, suppliers, clients, and government agencies to fraudulently trigger actions like money or data transfer
  • Internal Email FraudA disgruntled employee, former staff, or unsuspecting worker can cause a data breach
  • RansomwareBusinesses are under threat from ransomware spread through emails

Our Email Security Capabilities

Cyber Security Agency offers the following capabilities to help you secure your email content and accounts:

Email Security Policies – Cyber Security Agency establishes tailor-made policies around how to handle your email services. The security policies focus on email security issues, such as opening emails with executable content, sharing suspicious content, and opening links from unknown senders

Establishing a Secure Email Gateway We help businesses set up secure email gateways that scan and approve or block incoming and outgoing emails to ensure that your organization detects and remediates email threats in real-time

Email Encryption – Cyber Security Agency implements automated email encryption solutions that decode sensitive information before forwarding it over the public Internet. Email encryption prevents hackers from intercepting sensitive information

Employee TrainingWe offer awareness for appropriate email usage. Employee training helps employees detect malicious emails that slip through other security controls like the secure email gateway