Encrypted Storage

Cyber Security Agency secures your business, employee, and customer data from unauthorized access and theft.

We protect your information’s confidentiality and integrity from malicious or careless employees, unethical cloud storage employees, scammers, hackers, and prying government agencies

Cyber Security Agency Encrypted Storage Approach

Cyber Security Agency encryption storage approach provides your business with data encryption and decryption services for both data in transit and data at rest. Our storage encryption features are suitable for all storage mediums, including storage area networks (SANs).

Cyber Security Agency encryption storage approaches harden the core of your storage options at low costs. We use multiple ciphers to encrypt folders, data volumes, and individual files.

We also use two primary criteria to determine the effectiveness of your encryption storage plan. First, we ensure the costs incurred to implement a data encryption scheme is a small fraction of the encrypted data’s value.

Our storage encryption measures assure you that it costs hackers more time and money than the value of the encrypted data, thus discouraging breaching attempts.

Cyber Security Agency Capabilities

Our storage encryption capabilities focus on securing both data in transit and data at rest. The following are our encryption capabilities:

Data at rest

Full Disk Encryption: The primary way Cyber Security Agency encrypts data at rest

File encryption: We use this method to encrypt data on a file to file basis

Data in transit

End-to-end encryption: Our end-to-end encryption ensures data in transit is only visible to the recipient and sender, hence controlling liabilities in your organization’s communication chain

Encrypting web connections: We implement Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption protocols to encrypt any data you receive or transmit using web applications and browsers.

Encrypting email servers: We provide Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (S/MIME) public-key encryption services to provide your email servers with an edge when sending or receiving messages.

Pre-encrypting software: We provide your business with pre-encryption software and tools to ensure all your data is encrypted before transmission. Data pre-encryption secures your information when uploading it to the cloud or sharing it using insecure means.

Data is among the most valuable assets to an organization today. Have you implemented sufficient encryption technologies to prevent unauthorized access and information loss?

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