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Our Mission

GlobeCSA provides innovative cybersecurity solutions to protect governments and critical infrastructure from sophisticated cyberattacks through intelligent, thoughtful security solutions.

Our Approach

GlobeCSA understands the unique challenges facing governments. Since one-size does not fit all, we provide tailored security solutions to meet the global public sector and critical infrastructure security requirements.

Our initial step involves determining the measure of the Government’s security through a detailed approach that includes:

  1. Security Effectiveness: GlobeCSA measures and validates Government’s security program against real attack scenarios
  2. IT Environment Assessments: Our experts assess the Government’s cloud and on-premises environments and architectures to determine controls needed to strengthen defense
  3. High-Value Asset Assessment: GlobeCSA identifies the public sector’s highest priority assets and critical infrastructure for proactive protection from cyberattacks.
  4. Vulnerability Assessment: GlobeCSA identifies the current state and builds a roadmap to optimize cybersecurity and empower a government agency to predict, detect, prevent, and respond to cyberthreats
  5. Solutions Identification: We offer tools and expertise needed to evaluate the level of risk, detect vulnerabilities, and develop reliable cyber defense

GlobalCSA Government Solutions and Services

We offer the following services to enhance the National Cyber Capacity

  1. Security Operations: GlobeCSA elevates Government’s security operations with expert support and technology-enabled solutions to transform national detection and response programs
  2. Security Architecture: GlobeCSA assesses and improves the cyber defense capabilities throughout the public sector and critical infrastructure networks
  3. Threat Intelligence: GlobeCSA’s Security Operations Center provides visibility into agencies’ IT environments with proactive monitoring and remediation services
  4. Security Consulting Services: clients trust GlobeCSA due to our Security Consulting capabilities that feature recommendations to protect a variety of targets
  5. Incident Response: GlobeCSA team includes experts armed with practical experience and tools to detect, isolate, block, and respond to malicious activities
  6. Awareness Training: GlobeCSA delivers training programs to build a human firewall and make your team part of the defend mission
  7. GRC: We offer Governance, risk, and compliance services to enable government agencies to manage compliance with many unique regulations with constant revisions. We provide security solutions that equip organizations to meet regulations like NIST, RMF, FISMA, DFARS, DHS-CDM, VPAT, 3PAO, CMC, and CIS-CSC.

Federal Contract

  1. CMMC: GlobeCSA assists federal government contractors to meet the required minimum requirements. Our experts help organizations incorporate the requirements stipulated in the Cybersecurity Maturity Model (CMMC) in their business processes and operations
  2. DFARS or FAR: GlobeCSA helps businesses comply with applicable DFARS or FAR cybersecurity clauses to access federal contracts.

For Federal Contracts, GlobeCSA applies the following approach:

  1. Reviewing the current federal contracts to establish if the relevant cybersecurity clauses are included
  2. We review, evaluate, and assess the cybersecurity posture against the NIST 800-171 standards
  • We determine the presence of covered defense information (CDI) and help organizations meet the required cybersecurity levels

Who Do We Work with In Government?

i. Department of Defense
ii. Federal System Integrators
iii. Federal Contractors
iv. Civilian Agencies
v. Government-Funded Cybersecurity Programs

vi. Executive Departments
vii. Independent Agencies
viii. Boards, Commissions, and Committees
ix. Judicial Branch
x. State, Tribal, and Local Governments

Getting Started with GlobeCSA’s Government Security Solutions

Learn more about detecting and defending against cyberthreats targeting government agencies by talking to a GlobeCSA cybersecurity expert today.
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