Homomorphic Encryption

We have discovered that decrypting data for use unlocks it and leaves it vulnerable to hackers.  Cyber Security Agency offers advanced cryptography services to allow you to compute encrypted data as though it’s in plaintext format, without decrypting it first. Our solution leverages techniques that enable you to perform computational operations on the encrypted data. Computing encrypted data also gives an encrypted output.


Benefits Of The Homomorphic Encryption Service

  • Enhance Confidentiality: Cyber Security Agency offers homomorphic encryption to ensure that your data remain confidential
    • when you store it,
    • when you transmit it,and
    • when you process it
  • Ensure Security:You can safely process your data and accomplish required tasks in untrusted environments like the public internet
  • Innovation: Homomorphic encryption enables modern technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. You can unlock the value of your data using AI and ML without compromising the confidentiality of sensitive information
  • Third-Party Risk Management: Data remains secure and private in trusted environments, such as public clouds and other third-parties. Homomorphic encryption keeps data encrypted all the time and reduces the risk of a data breach
  • Quantum-Safe: Cyber Security Agency offers a fully homomorphic encryption solution that is resilient against quantum attacks.

Homomorphic Encryption Service Application Areas

  • Securing Workloads in the Cloud: Cyber Security Agency provides a homomorphic encryption service that secures the cloud’s data. You can calculate, edit, and search ciphered information without compromising the integrity and confidentiality of the data
  • Data Sharing and Processing in Regulated Sectors: You can use our homomorphic encryption service to encrypt and outsource data to commercial cloud environments for research and analysis. Cyber Security Agency helps your business preserve customer’s data privacy. Homomorphic encryption can be used in the predictive analysis in the financial sector, enhancing privacy in healthcare, and performing an encrypted search in retail and consumer services
  • Transparency in Public Policies:Cyber Security Agency’s homomorphic encryption service enhances security and transparency in voting-related applications by allowing users to process data in unbiased ways while keeping their information private.
  • Prediction Applications: Cyber Security Agency homomorphic encryption solution is used in prediction applications using a pre-trained model.

Achieve zero trust by analyzing and getting insights from your data on untrusted domains without decrypting it.