Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Does your business need to be more mindful of cyber risks and improve the ability to detect and respond to incidents but lacks the necessary resources and expertise?

Leverage GlobeCSA MDR Services

GlobalCSA Managed Detection and Response service includes a set of tools, procedures, and skillset your organization requires to detect and respond to frequent and complex cyberthreats.

Some of the GlobalCSA MDR service capabilities include:

  • Enhanced Security: GlobeCSA MDR detects threats proactively to strengthen your security and compliance efforts
  • Advanced Technology: GlobeCSA provides a set of tools and technologies deployed on your premises to monitor, detect, and respond to familiar and emerging threats. Our MDR service also relies on advanced techniques like analytics, security information and events management (SIEM), and threat intelligence
  • Managed Service: We are responsible for managing and monitoring MDR tools and technologies implemented in your organization, enhancing your team’s productivity
  • Automation and Human Monitoring: GlobeCSA MDR service leverages both automation and security analysts to monitor and detect threats in your network round the clock.
  • 24/7 Support: Our customers have direct interactions with security analysts rather than only relying on a portal or dashboard for alerts, security events investigations, incident response, and case management
  • Reporting: We provide detailed reports for alerts and events and the action taken for future reference. The reports also contribute to your compliance strategy
  • Tailor-Made Solutions: One size does not fit all in MDR services. GlobalCSA tailor makes the MDR service to provide a perfect fit based on your organization’s size, security controls, IT assets, and security goals.

Challenges that GlobeCSA MDR Address

GloeCSA MDR service addresses crucial issues that plague modern organizations.

  1. Lack of Security Skills: Many companies find it difficult and expensive to hire, train, and set up dedicated security teams to conduct full-time threat hunting
  2. Complex and Frequent Cyberattacks:Every business is a target of cyberattacks, requiring them to set up proactive services to monitor and respond to events
  3. Underutilized and Pricey Solutions: Organizations face challenges when deploying complex and expensive endpoint detection and response (EDR) technologies and tools, which are underutilized due to a lack of time and skills to handle the solutions. GlobeCSA integrates EDR tools in the security implementation for reliable threat detection and response
  4. Enormous Volume of Alerts:A modern firm receives a sheer volume of alerts, which may overwhelm an internal IT team and take away precious time and resources from their other responsibilities.

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GlobeCSA MDR features a wide array of security capabilities, including log analysis, alert monitoring, incident prioritization, investigation, and response.

Learn more on ways to improve the way you continuously detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor IT assets.

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