GlobeCSA Managed Firewall Service

An unmanaged security tool is as bad as no security tool at all—an improperly managed firewall results in rules conflicts, misconfiguration, poor network performance, and security gaps.

GlobalCSA’s managed firewall solution improves your security posture by handling complex firewall management activities.

Transfer firewall administration, monitoring, and maintenance to GlobalCSA and free your team from the burden of time-consuming management tasks.

Why GlobeCSA Managed Firewall Services

GlobeCSA team includes qualified experts to provide a managed firewall solution with a focus on the following areas:

  • Firewall installation, operation, and administration
  • Establishing, maintaining, and updating firewall rules
  • Network monitoring
  • Application control
  • Web content filtering
  • Report an analysis
  • Firewall solution patching and updating of the appliance, hardware, and firmware
  • Intrusion detection and prevention (IDS and IPS)
  • Centralized backup of logs and firewall configurations
  • Continuous threat intelligence integration

Partnering with GlobeCSA gives you more from your firewall investment.

Our benefits include:

  • Improved Productivity – Firewall management commands more time and extensive experience from security and IT teams. You can transfer security administrative and operational tasks from your internal IT team to GlobeCSA security experts
  • Maximized Security – GlobeCSA utilizes the latest tools and techniques to provide actionable insights into the dynamic threat landscape
  • Enhanced Compliance – outsource your firewall management role to GlobeCSA services that offer real-time firewall monitoring and management in line with regulatory mandates like GDPR, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS
  • Reduced Costs – today, companies do not have the personnel and other resources required for improving their cybersecurity posture. Fortunately, organizations can leverage our reputable managed firewall service to prevent data breaches as they focus on their core business objectives
  • User Support – GlobeCSA provides 24/7 support for your security issues

Co-Managed Firewall Services

In some cases, your enterprise would want to retain some firewall management roles. GlobeCSA delivers a co-managed firewall service model that facilitates the collaboration between our experts and your team to supportin firewall management tasks while sharing knowledge.

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