GlobeCSA provides a SIEM solution to give your organization insight into and track the IT environment activities to detect and respond to cyber threats.

How GlobalCSA SIEM Works

GlobalCSA SIEM features technologies and capabilities that bring in threat intelligence feeds in addition to traditional log data. The tool has security analytics capabilities that examine network and user behavior to detect malicious activities accurately and rapidly. 

  • GlobeCSA SIEM solution collects and aggregates log data throughout your organization’s technology infrastructure, including host systems, applications, networks, security devices, and end-users.
  • GlobeCSA SIEM solution analyzes, identifies, categorizes, prioritizes incidents and events
  • The security platform delivers reports on security-related incidents and events
  • GlobeCSA SIEM also sends alerts if an activity runs against authorized rulesets or ‘standard behavior.’

GlobeCSA SIEM Benefits

  1. Security – GlobeCSA SIEM provides a foundation for implementing and maintaining robust security strategies. The solution delivers real-time visibility across an organization’s information security systems.
  2. Compliance – Our SIEM enhances your compliance efforts. The solution provides the monitoring and reporting necessary to meet HIPAA, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other regulations.
  3. Enterprise-Wide Logging – GlobeCSA consolidates multiple data points from all departments in your organization
  4. User Support – GlobeCSA professionals evaluate your organization’s IT environment to identify IT assets that the SIEM solution should secure
  5. Tailor-Made Features – GlobeCSA provides tailor-made integrations to meet your IT environment needs and prioritize and mitigate risks
  6. Integration – GlobeCSA provides turnkey integration with security data from different tools into a SIEM platform where security analysts can access and view in a broader context

GlobeCSA SIEM Solution for Cloud or On-Prem

GlobeCSA professionals collaborate with clients to implement the best fit for your organization. Our Team can implement SIEM capabilities on-prem, on the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

The solution is scalable.GlobeCSA SIEM covers your security needs as your data and applications proliferate, meeting your current and future security needs.

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