Secure Hosting

Cyber Security Agency offers secure hosting services, which is a pressing challenge for most organizations.

Our secure hosting methods protect your company website and visitors from hackers and online con artists.

We secure your website and web data by equipping our servers with defense-in-depth measures, including but not limited to malware detection, integrating servers with security add-ons, server security monitoring, multi-factor authentication, and attack protection technologies.

Cyber Security Agency Secure Hosting Approach

Our web hosting approaches leverage the best secure hosting practices. While clients use our hosting services to backup essential data, we also adopt reliable data backup practices to ensure your web data’s availability and safety.

  1. Continuous Network Monitoring

Cyber Security Agency also relies on continuous network monitoring in our internal networks to detect attempted intrusions and unusual activities in real-time. Monitoring helps us thwart attacks threatening your hosted data.

  1. State-of-the-Art Malware Scanning

We employ state-of-the-art malware scanning tools and technologies to hunt for malicious programs and data actively. Our malware scanning practices are vital to detecting and eliminating dreadful elements.

  1. Anti-DDoS Tools

Cyber Security Agency uses anti-DDoS software to protect your hosted website data from attempted DDoS attacks. The measure assures our customers that their websites will be fully available to facilitate business productivity and growth.

  1. Access Control Measures

Our secure hosting approach consists of access control measures to control access to our hosting servers and related infrastructures. Only authorized and vetted staff members can access your website data, which is critical to preventing malicious user access and insider threats.

Cyber Security Agency Secure Hosting Capabilities

Our secure hosting capabilities strengthen the security and CIA of hosted data. They include:

  • Dedicated firewall:Cyber Security Agency hosting servers are secured using dedicated firewalls. They enable us to create specific rules regarding who can access your website.
  • Robust anti-virus systems: Our secure hosting servers and datacenters contain robust anti-virus systems for back-end protection of all hosted websites. Your sites are, therefore, free from malware.
  • SSL/HTTPS Security Certificates: Our hosting plans have SSL security certificates, which provide you with HTTPS protection. You can use our secure hosting services to host sensitive user or customer information in a protected, encrypted environment.

Many companies promise to offer secure hosting for your business, but only a few have the required security levels. Cyber Security Lab is your partner in providing secure hosting services.

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