Decentralized Encrypted Storage Network

Ultra-data security

Losing your progress or data due to crashes, sudden downtime, or forgetting to save on the go is so yesterday. Now, with Globecsa Drive, individuals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes can enjoy quicker and faster file syncing, uploads, and downloads on a platform powered by the blockchain and the IPFS protocol for ultra-data retention, acquisition, and security.

Collaboration like a pro

Go ahead and share your ideas with the rest of your team in real-time while at home, the mall, or on transit with Globecsa Drive. This cloud data storage comes with the right features and environment to foster deep and productive collaboration amongst teams and groups on various projects and events. Now you can access or share your ideas as they occur anytime, anywhere, through your desired device and platform.

Unlimited storage

Having the right environment and features to store, retrieve, and operate on your files as needed is one thing, having the desired space to store and run your files is another. Globecsa Drive comes with unlimited storage space for a token alongside other amazing plans that fit perfectly the needs of our individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses in search of the right support to jump-start their business processes.




Real-time collaboration and utmost security is possible with Globecsa Drive

Whether you are a business or an individual looking to preserve and effortlessly collaborate with others on varying projects, you can do that now with the utmost security and seamless experience. Globecsa drive makes this possible.

Why Globecsa Drive

A drive for all platforms
The best way to collaborate, learn, and grow is if you have the right support system at your corner on all fronts, and that’s what Globecsa Drive is for you. Utilize our reliable and limitless storage across your various devices and apps, from your desktops, tablets, mobiles, browsers, to your social and other interactive tools; we are just one click away to saving the day.

A drive that keeps your trust
Just as much as you are looking for coverage, the security of your data is also important. With Globecsa Drive, you can enjoy both benefits. Our app comes fitted with all the right features running on the innovative IPFS protocol to ensure faster data upload/download, retention, and acquisition. With us, your data is always safe and at-the-ready for use.

A drive that fosters productivity
Share your thoughts, ideas, and new findings on the go with your friends or team right from the comfort of your favorite drive. Our Globecsa drive provides businesses, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and individuals with the right platform to collaborate on various topics and events that matters. With us, you also get the chance to restore and roll back documents as needed.

Globecsa combines with IPFS, a peer-to-peer distributed network protocol fully Encrypted, to make a more efficient and secure web free from corporate control.

Automatically backup your documents

You know how you can be in the moment typing away or creating your masterpiece only to forget to back them up and have all those escape your fingertips when your device goes flat?  Well, now, you can say goodbye to that. With our Globecsa Drive, you can schedule folders and backup periods to ensure your changes and new documents get to the safety box before any eventualities.

Never lose your documents.

Sometimes costly mistakes occur like deleting an important document from your drive. We know and are here to help you recover them all. Our Globecsa Drive provides you with an environment that allows you to recover deleted data, rollback document version, or access various versions of your document as you please. Thanks to our IPFS protocol at the backend, you can say goodbye to the chances of your data ever getting lost due to sudden crashes across our user servers. Just the way you like it.

Collaborate on the go

Enjoy the immersive experience awaiting you on our Globecsa Drive create panels. Here you can easily collaborate with your team on various topics, goals, and projects. Our create panel offers a whole slewof creative tools and real-time saving needed to create the perfect strategy, instruction manual, presentation, and more for your business.

Embed the data that matters

Do you have some clip onYouTube, Facebook, or other data sources you want to make a part of your document? Then go ahead and embed their links into your document right on your preferred creative panel.

Share to the platforms you love

Make sharing documents and files just as easy as getting them into your cloud drive. With Globecsa Drive, you can easily share your stored file to any platform and in any format that you prefer with just a few clicks.

Backups took another edge.

Save yourself the time of going through the normal route of having a sent file downloaded and uploaded to your cloud drive. With Globecsa Drive, you can have all your documents and files sent directlyto your trusted cloud storage. Our storage tool recognizes and supports various file types necessary in various fields of production. So go ahead and enjoy safer backups and collaborations.

Faster transmission

Thanks to our IPFS integration, Globecsa Drive processes, and transmit data faster than other cloud storage systems. With our drive solution, you can gain access to various files, even in poor network conditions. Just the right solution you need for your remote operations.

Work from your suitable spot

Enjoy the numerous features, and immersive experience Globecsa Drive possess right on the devices and applications you treasure the most. You can have your own Globecsa Drive app on your Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices or access your documents on your favorite browsers across all devices.

Enjoy real-time feedbacks

With our creative panels and collaborative environment, supervise activities as they are created, comment on your observations, and receive feedback from your team members all in real-time.

Smart share

Share important files more professionally and securely through our smart links. With this option, you can also adjust the way people interact and view your document.

Choose the best plan for your business


$ 99
99 /MO
  • Upgrade your personal plan for more flexibility and storage space.
  • Up to 100 GB of storage
  • 5 GB file upload


$ 299
99 /MO
  • Team collaboration for any business
  • Unlimited storage
  • Collaboration across your entire organization
  • Admin Console access
  • Data loss protection


$ 499
99 /MO/User
  • Advanced content management and data protection
  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited external collaborators
  • Admin Console access
  • Data loss protection
  • Custom branding
  • HIPAA/FedRAMP compliance
  • Document watermarking
  • Password policy enforcement