GlobeCSA Threat Intelligence

Gather cyberthreat intelligence across the globe using GlobeCSA
state-of-the-art tools and methods

GlobeCSA collects, analyzes, and utilizes threat data to provide clients with practical insights to prioritize security efforts and overcome cybersecurity challenges.

Enhancing Your Security with GlobalCSA Threat Intelligence

Threat intelligence goes hand in hand with other GlobalCSA solutions, such as cybersecurity consulting, incident response, and network monitoringto keep your organization aware of threats and prepared to respond in the event of a breach.

Why should your team get GlobalCSA threat intelligence?

  • Stay ahead of hackers – threat intelligence enables you to know the threats coming your way and their potential impact. With such information, you can quickly prioritize risks and align your security resources. Overall, GlobeCSA helps you reduce the risk of data loss, prevent disruption to business operations, protect brand reputation, and enhance regulatory compliance
  • Enhance Enterprise-Wide Security – threat intelligence service monitors specific threats to all areas of your business, resulting in an understanding of attack execution tactics related to your business or industry
  • Discover Stolen Information – you can leverage threat intelligence to discover your corporate information being exposed or traded on the dark web
  • Maximize IT Efficiency –with reliable threat intelligence services, you can improve your IT team’s efficiency and minimize burnout from alert fatigue
  • Lowering Security Expenses – GlobalCSA delivers threat intelligence capabilities that reduce your expenses and business capital on security. Along with freeing up your IT personnel, GlobalCSA frees you from investing in pricey infrastructure for log collection and analysis

Understand the Threats that Matter

GlobeCSA experts deliver unmatched insights on vulnerabilities and threat actors to give IT teams and executives a clear view of attacks to mitigate. We utilize tools and expertise to provide a 360-degree view of the tactics and technologies threat actors use to target your IT assets. GlobalCSA also identifies the effective countermeasures to maintain immunity against prevalent and new attacks while improving your regulatory compliance efforts.

Our threat intelligence service is suitable for:

  • Enterprises of all sizes
  • Financial services
  • Governments
  • Critical infrastructure
  • Other security service providers

Get started with GlobeCSA today. You will access comprehensive threat intelligence data into past, current, and possible future cyberthreat activities.

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