Why Businesses Outsource Cybersecurity to Managed Services Providers

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Why Businesses Outsource Cybersecurity to Managed Services Providers

Why Businesses Outsource Cybersecurity to Managed Services Providers

Robust cybersecurity requires businesses to implement multiple security layers and measures, monitor their IT infrastructures regularly, and have the agility to evolve with emerging trends and solutions. However, such processes require heavy investments in security technologies and human resources. For large organizations, they have the financial might and resources to invest in a competent in-house cybersecurity team and desired help. On the other hand, small- and medium-sized businesses may lack the capacity to maintain a strong cybersecurity team. Fortunately, companies do not have to take on security challenges on their own as they can outsource cybersecurity functions to a managed service provider (MSP).

An MSP focuses on providing IT services, support, and solutions to businesses. Managed service providers include cybersecurity programs, such as attack detection, training and awareness programs, developing cybersecurity policies, and penetration testing. They are essential in preventing cybersecurity problems arising from poor security practices. They also review and evaluate a company’s cybersecurity posture to recommend safeguards and controls for enhancing security. With numerous compliance regulations springing up every other time, MSPs assist businesses to meet the compliance requirements. MSPs provide all cybersecurity solutions without the need of investing in expensive security tools and solutions.

SMBs need cybersecurity from MSPs

According to a study by Continuum titled Underserved and Unprepared: The State of SMB Cyber Security in 2019, it revealed that cybersecurity concerns are among the top reasons why SMBs choose MSPs. The study included 850 businesses with a population of 10-1,000 employees drawn from the US, UK, France, Belgium, and Germany. From the study results, 9 in 10 of businesses would consider hiring an MSP offering the right cybersecurity services and solutions. With cyber-attacks targeting small-and-medium-sized businesses more, MSPs play a crucial role to educate enterprises the essence of acceptable cybersecurity practices. The Continuum study found employees in most organizations are not fully educated on good security hygiene. Cybersecurity is a crucial component for companies in all industries and possibly too critical to remain solely under an organization.

Businesses that lack equipped in-house security teams also need to outsource cybersecurity to a competent MSP. A study showed that 62% of the respondents lack in-house capabilitiesfor addressing arising cybersecurity incidents. 52% stated that they feel helpless about how to defend themselves from attacks. Since security threats and risks continue rising due to increased dependence on technology, businesses require the cybersecurity expertise once they hire an MSP. MSPs monitor a company’s network remotely 24/7 to detect malicious activities promptly.

Partnering with MSPs is a proven way of preventing attacks and protecting a business from malicious threats. They provide a wide range of proactive IT security and support, including data backups and encryption, real-time threat hunting, threat prevention, and elimination, firewall and network protection and security configuration, security training and awareness, among others. MSPs also have access to the latest security tools and procedures and can, therefore, prevent the newest and most sophisticated attacks. Experts with a vast experience identify flaws in a system’s security vulnerable to attacks and fixes them immediately. Outsourcing cybersecurity functions to an MSP assures businesses of the continuous system and network availability to ensure business continuity.

Why a managed service cybersecurity provider is right for your business

Many businesses are unprepared to combat modern cybersecurity strategies, with 71% of SMBs not prepared to identify and manage security risks. Those with in-house cybersecurity teams also face challenges like the inability to keep up with the latest trends due to resource constraints. Outsourcing cybersecurity services to an MSP unlocks the following benefits:

  1. Expertise

Business decision-makers often worry about the security status of their technology infrastructures and the level of expertise needed to maintain robust defences. During the initial auditing stages, an MSP provides the following assessments:

  • Vulnerability scans to identify security flaws in networks and systems.
  • Penetration testing to identify exploitable flaws and lead to an attack

The assessments permit an MSP to perform an accurate analysis of the cybersecurity posture and recommend necessary solutions. Numerous businesses shift towards MSP cybersecurity services because they can access high levels of expertise. A managed service provider offers the same expertise level as an equipped in-house team but for a fraction of the price.

  • Comprehensive security and protection

Managed service providers are built from the ground up to offer extra cybersecurity solutions and services that go beyond the typical restrictions of in-house security functions. While on-premises security teams provide basic security levels and comprehensive management, MSP solutions actively monitor and protect a business’s applications, networks, and storage. Some of the cybersecurity services to expect from an MSP include:

  • Security training and awareness
  • Continuous vulnerability scans and monitoring
  • Endpoint detection and response
  • Email encryption and spam filtering
  • Next-generation antivirus solutions

An advanced comprehensive security plan offers numerous protection options and assists businesses to comply with all the requirements.

  • Reduced cost

Cost is the topmost factor businesses consider investing in cybersecurity programs. As organizations invest heavily on digital transformations, additional expenses incurred in cybersecurity strategies seems to be expensive. It is a common occurrence for some businesses to ignore modern security threats putting their systems and networks at risk. With almost half of cyberattacks targeting small- and medium-sized companies, failing to embrace cybersecurity programs is ill-informed. An MSP solves such challenges since it provides excellent cybersecurity solutions at a fraction of the cost it would require to achieve the same security using in-house teams.

Partner with Cyber Security Agency to Counter Threats

The essence of proven cybersecurity solutions continues to grow as new threats targeting businesses evolve every day. The demand for technological solutions has seen a rise in vulnerabilities for companies lacking secure systems and networks. A robust MSP is now a necessity for all businesses to counter threats impacting business operations and workflows. Cyber Security Agency managed services and security programs offer ideal cybersecurity protection for keeping clients safe. We reassure businesses of their security as we actively monitor and maintain strong network security. our cybersecurity programs leverage the most efficient solutions to provide comprehensive cybersecurity programs in the current threat landscape.